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What is a Drain Survey?


It is not always easy to identify the cause of drainage issues without detailed investigation. Some problems that occur underground, like tree root intrusion and damaged drains are notoriously difficult to locate. We offer CCTV drain surveys in Lancashire and by using our industry leading CCTV cameras we can locate and diagnose any problem no matter where it occurs.


Here at Burnley Drainage we can perform CCTV Drain Surveys on all manner of commercial, residential and industrial properties. Whether you are suffering from recurring unexplained blockages or mysterious drain damage, we are here for you. By undertaking a CCTV Drain Survey, our professional Drainage Engineers will be able to diagnose your problem and suggest a relevant solution. All of our CCTV drain surveys in Lancashire are performed by our expert team of professionals who are trained to carry out any kind of domestic and commercial job, get in touch with us today for more information.

Why might I need a Drain Survey?


Our CCTV Drain Surveys involve inserting a specialist drainage camera into your system. This camera will then relay images back to an engineer above ground. This allows him to get a complete overview of your drainage system and identify any issues within it. The accurate location of problems allows our engineers to diagnose the problem and suggest an appropriate solution.

CCTV Drain Surveys can identify and locate both existing problems and any areas of concern for the future. Once we have completed your Drain Survey, you will be provided with a written report outlining any issues and suggested solutions. If you require one we can also provide you with a visual report in the form of DVD footage of the inspection. This can also be used by third parties such as insurance companies to prove the health of your system or to source another quote.

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