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Drain / Toilet Unblocking / Jetting

£20.00 (If can be done by hand)

£88.00 (If Jetting required)


Here at Burnley Drainage Services we offer Drain Unblocking on Residential, Industrial and Commercial properties in Burnley and surrounding areas.


There are many reasons you may suffer with blocked drains. This could be a random blockage (which do happen) or as a result of people flushing unsuitable items into your drainage system. Some of the main causes of drain blockages are:

  • Food Waste, including Fats, Oils and Grease.

  • Baby/Wet Wipes.

  • Human Waste.

  • Tree Root Intrusions.

  • Soap Scum, Hair & Skin Cells.

  • Damaged System

Failure to deal with minor blockages quickly can result in more serious issues such as cracked and fractured pipes, drain collapses and localised flooding. So, we would advise you to deal with any problems immediately.

No matter how big your blocked drains issue is, it is important that you get it checked out before it turns into a bigger issue. Our team of drainage experts are available 24/7 to help with your issues with drain unblocking in and around Lancashire.


Our main aim is to have your drainage system working as it should be as quickly as possible


We understand how frustrating these issues can be if they are not sorted quickly and effectively.

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