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We have built up a wealth of experience in the domestic jet washing and render cleaning business which has naturally led us into working with commercial clients. The way we clean has evolved over recent years and we now integrate environmentally friendly cleaning products into our workflow.


A typical job will receive an application of a cleaning solution which starts to remove some of the dirt from the stone, brick or concrete surface on contact. The solution is biodegradable and breaks down into harmless compounds after a short time. It is perfectly safe for people and pets. Then comes the jet washing part of the process. And when the jet washing is completed and the surface is looking like new, an application of  biocide prevents any regrowth for longer.


Jet washing will not kill algae or microorganisms living on the surface being cleaned meaning they will quickly regrow. Using our biocide will control the unwanted organisms meaning the job is cleaner and the results are longer lasting. However, we are no more expensive than other jet washing businesses, in fact, we often win work with comparison quotes.


We charge a fair price, we do a good job, we get repeat work and referrals. Why not give us a call to get your free quote.


What Else Can We Clean?

We can help with all of your cleaning requirements including:



  • Jet washing/power washing and re sanding and sealing driveways and block paving

  • Full patio cleaning including any pathways

  • Render cleaning service - all types of render

  • Jet washing walls, tarmac, concrete

  • Softwash - sometimes a more gentle approach is needed

  • Car parks and communal areas

  • Jet washing decks and cleaning wood or fencing

  • Gutter Cleaning Service

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